London Has Fallen – Review


London Has Fallen inevitably had a near impossible task to better its predecessor, Olympus Has Fallen. Despite being riddled with unrealistic and overdramatic scenes, I was pleasantly surprised with the film that kept me entertained from beginning to end.

The film was set in London, featuring all of the capitals glamorous landmarks. The impressive special effects in the film blew up the majority of these buildings during a very short montage early on in the film.

Gerard Butler was again the star of the performance, adopting a carbon copy display of his performance in Olympus Has Fallen, acting as the presidents bodyguard, Mike Banning, and saving him at the last second when it looked like the president was guaranteed to die (yeah, right…).

The problem with this film, and what was always going to be the problem, is that it is largely predictable throughout. The only difference from the first film was the change of name from ‘Olympus’ to ‘London’.

And the rare occasion where I was ‘shocked’ during this 99 minute American action thriller, was due to ridiculous scenes like building after building just magically blowing up, or the fact that every single policeman, soldier or emergency worker in London was, in fact, a terrorist.

So why on earth was I entertained throughout?

Well firstly, can anyone name me a film involving Morgan Freeman that they didn’t enjoy? His sheer presence as Vice President of the United States was enough to get me down to the cinema just to hear his voice.

Aaron Eckhart, acting as President of the United States, produced another strong performance, convincingly executing his role as the leader of the free world.

What made this film so entertaining was the amount of high quality combat scenes, most of which were between Mike Banning and the terrorists.

Although Banning realistically should have died in excess of 100 times, who doesn’t love a hero? Gerard Butler pulled this role off tremendously, providing the perfect balance between as ‘the violent nice guy’ who will stop at nothing to protect the United States of America.

Yes the film was predictable, yes it was unrealistic and yes it wasn’t quite as good as Olympus Has Fallen. But everyone subconsciously loves an action thriller with a happy ending, and I have watched plenty worse than this.


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