Final Feature Idea – Rationale

In the UK general election last year, only 43% of 18-24 year olds decided to cast their vote. Personally I find that figure quite remarkable. I want to investigate the reasons why nearly three out of five young adults decided not to choose the politicians that represent them in parliament and what can be done to improve this figure for future general elections and the upcoming EU referendum.This feature will delve into the lives of young adults to find out what is really important to them. Whether it be sport, entertainment, fashion or gaming, I want to find out what types of media young people consume every day and what stopped 57% of 18-24 year olds from walking into a polling station last year.

This feature is relevant now as the UK general election was just last year, so it would be surprising if the people who didn’t vote less than 12 months ago have suddenly changed their opinions and become engaged in politics. Furthermore, with the EU referendum just three months away, it is important to influence as many people as possible to cast their vote on this massive issue which could potentially change the dynamics of the UK for our whole lifetime.

In terms of interviews, I will begin with a local MP who can give their opinion on what can be done to engage more people in politics. I will also get the opinion of a sixth form politics teacher, as well as a vast amount of 18-24 year olds to find out whether they voted in the 2015 general election, and why they either did or didn’t vote, and whether they plan to vote in the upcoming EU referendum.

My target magazine will be The Guardian Magazine as it is a topical magazine which includes features on current affairs. It is read by many young people, but also a lot of middle aged adults and workers in the public sector who can read the feature and use it to influence young people and encourage them to vote.

My target audience is young adults, particularly the 18-24 age category to try and directly influence them to vote, and if they already do, to use the information in the feature to persuade their friends and family to vote. It is also targeted at young adults and public sector workers who can also influence young adults to vote.


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