Blog Post: Trump v Clinton for the White House?


The dominance of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton on Super Tuesday have pushed them even closer to the presidential nomination for their respective parties.

On the Republican side, Trump won 7 out ofthe 11 states up for grabs, gaining 237 delegates. This moves his delegate count up to 319, a fair way ahead of Cruz in second place on 226.

Despite the Republican candidates needing 1,237 delegates to win the election, the controversial Trump looks certain to get the nomination, even though today he has been branded “not fit to run the country” by former Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Should Trump match the bookmakers predictions and win the nomination, he will no doubt come up against Hilary Clinton, who is even more certain to win her primary campaign.

Clinton, who lost to Obama in the 2008 Democrat primary, has had a much better campaign this time around and is cruising to the nomination, not least because of the huge amount of super-delegates she has in the bag.

Clinton already has over double the amount of delegates as Bernie Sanders, who’s campaign has slowed after such a strong start in the opening states.

He won only 4 out of 11 states available on Super Tuesday and has a real uphill climb ahead of him to even get close to Hilary Clinton in the remaining primaries and caucuses.

So providing the bookies and opinion polls are correct, we will be seeing a Trump v Clinton face off in November. But who is going to win?

Well, the opinion polls are rather inconclusive, with each one slightly differing from another. But the general consensus is that the Democrats under Clinton’s lead will result victorious. Real Clear Politics has Clinton leading by 3% over Trump.

The bookies also believe the Democrats will win the race to The White House, with Clinton roughly 1/2 to win the 2016 Election and Ttump at 2/1.

Should it be Trump v Clinton, I also think the Democrats will result victorious. Clinton is a much safer figure who, when it comes down to polling day, will pick up the majority of undecided voters over Trump, who wants to build a great wall in-between the US and Mexico and believes global warming was invented by the Chinese.

There is still a long way to go however, with 2/3 of the states yet to hold their primaries and caucuses. A lot can change in this time and Trump and Clinton still have enough time to have a Rick Perry ‘oops’ moment, which could end up completely ruining their campaign.


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