Blog Post: Trump surges on as Bush drops out

Donald Trump continues to shake up the US political weather by storming to victory in the Republican South Carolina Primary, winning 35% of the popular vote and 100% of the delegates in this state.

According to The Associated Press, this leaves Trump with 67 delegates, 56 ahead of Ted Cruz on 11 who is closely followed by Marco Rubio on 10.

This puts Trump in a commanding position ahead of the Nevada caucus tomorrow and also Super Tuesday in just eight days time, which is a pivotal day in the primary season.

However, it is far from over for the remaining Republican candidates, especially Marco Rubio, after Jeb Bush decided to end his disappointing campaign by dropping out of the Presidential race after another poor result in South Carolina.

This means that not only are Bush’s voters up for grabs, but more significantly so are his rich pro-establishment donors. Rubio, the U.S Senator for Florida, is most likely to attract these donors as they believe he is the best candidate on the establishment wing of the party.

If Rubio manages to secure these donors, it will leave him with a huge war chest to try and derail Trump’s campaign.

Rubio is also expected to gain the support of the famous Koch brothers, who are known for spending ridiculous amounts of money on election campaigns. According to the New York Times, the Koch brothers have a budget of $889 million to spend in 2016, so if Rubio has the brothers in his corner it will  be a massive step towards the nomination for him.

So Bush’s exit from the campaign is very important, and has shaken things up in the Republican camp, with bookmakers now seeing an even two horse race between Trump and Rubio, with Ted Cruz a fair way behind in third.

But with Trump largely expected to storm to another huge victory in Nevada, Rubio already has a lot of catching up to do. Nonetheless, as the old saying goes, it is a marathon not a sprint, and we shall see how the situation has further unfolded in a weeks time.


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